To celebrate the opening of Harrison’s Garden at the Ropewalk Gallery (, Better Barrow’s Chairman and local poet – Trevor Millum – penned the following Sonnet.  Enjoy and take it with you when you visit the garden,
‘I’m off to do some gardening,’ he said

And planted time (not thyme) in serried rows

And in the place where you might see a rose –

A grandfather clock. In the nearby beds,

Timepieces you remember from your grand-

Parents mantlepieces in pride of place,

(Roman numbers round a grey clockface),

Where now a digital display will stand.

Beside the path, a swathe of travel clocks,

Bent like protective pods; in the middle

A burst of anniversary clocks and little

Wind-up alarms whose ticks and tocks

Enchant the visitor: the equivalent

Of other gardens’ fragrances and scent.